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City Slicker
"Say, that's a swell Horse and Buggy you got there Pops". Sax, Clarinet and Violin over bass and guitar create a soundscape that evokes the early twentieth century. We imagine Ned Johnson and his Spats making time with the local fillies.
Happy Home Rag
Ahh Nostalgia. In which we peer back into a time when Ma & Pa & Johnny & Suzy were unconcerned with the latest Tweets and Vaccinations were only a dream.
Leaving Today
Warm, Nostalgic String Quartet with a Turn Of The Century Feel. Slow, Languid and absolutely beautifully performed. A Gem.
Mayflower Hotel
Wistful, Nostalgic, two beat Jazz, Clarinet, Trombone. This one has a certain something extra that makes it more than just a period piece.
Salutation Rag
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Lovely and controlled Solo Ragtime Piano from our Man in Surrey, Bob Good. This is the real deal folks, have at it.
Sunshine Rag
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Now here's a bouncy little number guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 23 skidoo and all that sort of stuff.
Manhattan Rag
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Documentary Friendly Ragtime number designed to conjure up images of Early 20th Century America. Think Lower East Side, Pickles, Horses in The Street, uncontrolled Typhoid outbreaks etc.
Skipping Stone Rag
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Energetic Piano Rag that channels 1915 Chicago and that new-fangled subway thing.
Snidely And Nell
Uh Oh! America's Sweetheart is tied to the railroad tracks and that nasty guy with the Handlebar Mustache is laughing with a sinister tone. What will we do? What will We do?
Claudette's Shuffle
Charming, Friendly, Nostalgic, Turn Of The Century Guitar and Violin.
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