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Bad Little Boys
Zany Xylophones, Goofy Tubas, Whimsical Trombones...Part of our Nutsy Bean collection. Crazy Kiddies, Amazingly Stupid Reality People, Sitcom Dummies, general wackiness.
Good Grief, I'm going nuts- and so will you after listening to this bit of craziness from our resident English Madman Lyndn Gauntlett.
Beatrice Does The Jerk
Wacky, 60's, Quasi-Mambo groove. Benny Hill is chasing you around the Lawn at 64 Frames Per Sec.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Peppy tarantella perfect for underscoring the meatball eating competition at Sergio's while well meaning ding dongs say things like "Abbondanza!"
No No Rudolpho
Over The Top Orchestral Underscore that starts off Moody And Mysterious, BUT WAIT!!!!!!!! Rudolpho enters and Passions run Amok amidst The Chippendales (The furniture, not the Strippers).
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
WAH WAH WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Incredibly goofy Tuba cue for your ultimate "My God what a ridiculous loser goofball this idiot is" moments.
Captain Wacky Pants
Xylophone, Tuba, goofy percussion and a Quirky 2 Beat feel will have your kookoo situations outlined in such a Merry Way. "Skyler is attempting to skateboard off the roof a seven story apartment building while Tyler and Cody hold the blanket" Awesome!
Gidreaus Barnyard Dance
Guidraux and Brousard down shots of Jack while the adolescent boys chase flapping chickens around the feather filled barn. A bewildered jazz bass player shows up and jams on some Zydeco with the locals. A good time had by all.
High Button Shoes
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
We just LOVE this silly little tune. Charming and Nostalgic Trombone and Uke with a Hooky Melody. This will also work great for Reality Goofiness.
Le Tragedie Gastrique
Ahhh, how shall we describe this one? Gentle Baroque Piano interrupted by bursts of squawking kazoo. If you need to make an idiot out of someone who takes themselves too seriously, this is your move.
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