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Le Tragedie Gastrique
Ahhh, how shall we describe this one? Gentle Baroque Piano interrupted by bursts of squawking kazoo. If you need to make an idiot out of someone who takes themselves too seriously, this is your move.
Sir Edward Elgar is rolling in his grave. Hip Alternative Guitar take on Pomp and Circumstance. Yeah, we're what?
Funky Mozart
Mozart goes Urban. Mozart's inner tension comes to light in a Hip Hop reworking of symphony number 40. The plot thickens.
Beautiful Assassin
Enya-like trippy female vox mixed with orchestra and an Urban groove. Very Dark and tense, will make effective underscore for anything a little off-kilter.
Ghetto Ballerina
Absolutely kooky cartoonish classical piano with some heavy Urban hits. Proceed with care people.
Floral Females
Grand and Operatic processed female vox and orchestra. This one reminds of of "The Flower Duet" from the Opera Lakme. This will work for over the top romance, Tongue in Cheek stuff, hairy guys in tutus etc..
Grieg Is Funky
How can a cue be Dark, yet Playful at the same time? We don't know, but this one is. Funky Hip Hop Classical Mashup. This one will work great for Reality ding dongs who take themselves way too seriously.
King Of Da Mountain
Kooky Mashup of Grieg's "in The Hall Of The Mountain King" and some nasty Hip Hop beats. Lots of fun and a little goofy.
Amazing Grace
Lush, Emotional, and Inspiring arrangement of the Classic Hymn, This one features piano over Orchestral textures and has a New Age Quality.
Carmen Times Six
Excerpts from Carmen. Go find a toreador.
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