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Epic Emotional Turmoil
Internal Tension on a grand scale. Mystery, Remote Feelings, Loneliness with discomfort etc.
Controlled Orchestral Drama
Steady Orchestral Drama. This one has a fairly steady level of light Mystery and Suspense. Miss Marple has uncovered something rotten in Nottinghampshire Village and must covertly remove a valued Tea Cozy from The Manor House.
My Cinematic Romance
Passion amidst the moors. Piano and orchestra combine to create a moody and somewhat cerebral backdrop for interior emotions painfully surfacing.
Wonderful Light Orchestral Tension Cue. Masterpiece Mystery, Downton Abbey Etc. Lady Samantha is overcome due to the current Foie Gras shortage.
Epic Cinematic Contemplation
When something is REALLY sad, not just a little sad, but like WAY sad, we're talking immense sorrow on a grand scale, the kind of sorrow that bubbles over into Epic torment and forces you to embark upon a twelve year walk in the Himalayas. Now you got it.
Quiet Love
Wistful and Bittersweet Orchestral cue featuring flute. Remote, Elegant, Introspective; a lot of emotion boiling beneath the surface. Think Masterpiece theatre, English Countryside exteriors, and heroines with passions that must be hidden away.
Room Full Of Memories
Dark and mysterious orchestral underscore. Wistful and bleak, with implications of love gone awry and things that are missed.
Sorrow And Regret
Spectacular Moody Orchestral cut ala BBC. "You, Lord Edmund, have ruined the Lady Eleanor and hence are exiled to the New World." Crestfallen and alone, Edmund takes one final look over his shoulder before leaving Castle Windemere forever.
Cinematic And Dismal
Heartbreak, Loss, Misery, and Regret on an Epic Level. You need Dark Orchestral cues like this to really hammer home had bad things are-they suck on a grand scale in fact. Now leave us please, we need to retire to our chamber.
What Remains
Stunning Cinematic Orchestral cue with implications of longing, loss and recollection. Stellar work by the extremely talented Jurgen Beck.
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