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Cinematic Superhero
Epic Brass Fanfare Ala Superman that swells into a soaring Orchestral cue with a sense of achievement and victory. This one has a Retro Hollywood feel, great cue.
Heaven Comes To Earth
Awe-Inspiring, Building, Swelling Orchestral Cue. Victory, Achievers, Pride, Accomplishment, Olympian, Ceremonial, Awards etc.. Wow, what a cue.
Copland And The Big Picture
Grand, Swelling, Inspirational Orchestral Cinematica with a playful streak. Images of a big and powerful America that recall Aaron Copland and George Gershwin. A Fabulous cue.
Faster Higher Stronger
Tremendous cue by the extremely talented Mark Niedzwiedz. This is a Building, Olympian, Orchestral Cue that will work for Sports, Epic Panoramas, Triumph & Victory, or your Nightly Newscast
Decisions Decisions
Fantastic, Building and developing Orchestral cut that starts off like a Verizon Commercial then morphs into a Cinematic Extravaganza. Uplifting, Triumphant, Inspirational, etc...
Strive To Win
Powerful, Intense, Driving Orchestral Hybrid cue (with a groovy beat no less!) will telegraph Heroic Effort, Victory, Competition etc. Massive, Huge and spectacularly Orchestrated by the fabulous Enrique Molano.
Unrelenting Achievements
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Driving, Soaring, Dynamic Orchestral cut perfect for Corporate Motivation or Olympic Splendor. You get the Gold Either Way!
Dreaming Of Gold
Wow! We're ready to enter the Decathalon after hearing this. Ultra-Inspiring and Positive Orchestral Powerhouse with a definite Olympic feeling. Aspire, Achieve, Uplift-we let you do it all. It even has a choir!!!
The Thrill Of Victory
Huge, Epic NFL Style Films Style Orchestral number for the Valiant, Olympic competitor in all of us (ok, not your brother-in-law-he's too lazy, but everyone else). Now go score a goal or heave a javelin somewhere.
Aerial Fiesta
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Are you ready to soar Amigo? Jump in your hot air balloon and start shooting. Panoramic Orchestral Crossover cut with a Latin undertone. Ideal Corporate Pride Instiller or whale watching support. Nice selection of mix outs available.
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