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Everlasting Love
Superb Romantic & Sentimental Piano with Swelling Strings and Harp for Extra Love and Happy Endings. A genuinely lovely piece of music from the very talented John Rickey. Now get out of here, we're getting a little weepy.
Leaving Today
Warm, Nostalgic String Quartet with a Turn Of The Century Feel. Slow, Languid and absolutely beautifully performed. A Gem.
Love Looking back
Lovely, Romantic and Sentimental Piano with String Backgrounds. This one has a Cinematic quality and evokes Happy Memories and Satisfaction. Great Cue.
Emotions Of Life
Soft, Sweet, And Gently Melodic Piano over light vocal pads with some swelling strings and harp. Ideal for babies, puppies, and rediscovering that lost romance on FB before your wife realizes what you are doing in the den at 3AM.
No No Rudolpho
Over The Top Orchestral Underscore that starts off Moody And Mysterious, BUT WAIT!!!!!!!! Rudolpho enters and Passions run Amok amidst The Chippendales (The furniture, not the Strippers).
The Things You Find
Sparse, but Warm and Ultimately Loving and Sentimental guitars.
Huge Emotional Achievements
Big Rock Ballad with an Uplifting and Proud quality. Somewhat sentimental, this track will work for ceremonial & retrospective purposes as well as Inspiring the troops and bringing a tear to the eye of whomever you choose. Enjoy this power we give you.
One More Time
Wistful and Nostalgic Solo Piano with a Jazzy Feel. You're at the bar on your 35th shot of Cheap Scotch wondering how she could have left you.
Sadness (Rickey)
Steady and Dreamy, Introspective Piano, Strings and Light Bell. Not altogether Sad, as it ends on a positive note, so maybe we gave it a bad name-but you decide for yourselves. In any case, a very lovely piece of work.
Summer Breeze
Relaxed and Gentle distant piano with a heartwarming quality.
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