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Cinematic Superhero
Epic Brass Fanfare Ala Superman that swells into a soaring Orchestral cue with a sense of achievement and victory. This one has a Retro Hollywood feel, great cue.
Heaven Comes To Earth
Awe-Inspiring, Building, Swelling Orchestral Cue. Victory, Achievers, Pride, Accomplishment, Olympian, Ceremonial, Awards etc.. Wow, what a cue.
My Phone Is Triumphant
Talk about your Sweeping And Epic Corporate Empowerment Music - Wow-this one starts off nice and easy and proceeds to Blow The Inspirational Doors Off. Fab Cut from The Great Fred Emory Smith.
Copland And The Big Picture
Grand, Swelling, Inspirational Orchestral Cinematica with a playful streak. Images of a big and powerful America that recall Aaron Copland and George Gershwin. A Fabulous cue.
My King Returns
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Prepare to be Awe Inspired. We're extremely good at this stuff here at The OML and this cue is a beauty. Master composer and Producer (and 10 time Emmy Nominee) Chieli Minucci takes you to the summit.
Surging Ahead
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Absolutely spectacular Aspirational Power cue from Chieli Minucci. Soaring, Building, Trying, Reaching For The Stars etc.. And of course a massive and blistering guitar solo in the main mix. Olympic, Victorious, Achievement, Overcoming Struggle etc.
The Fairy
Spectacular, Inspirational and Emotional Heartwarmer that is ideal for Corporate Empowerment, making The Little Guy feel good about himself. Gentle Underscore with lovely vocal upfront. Almost Hymn-Like, very impactful.
The Miner
Gorgeous, Uplifting and Inspirational Underscore featuring Cello & Piano on top of Lush Background. Great Corporate Gentility Cut.
We Stand In Awe
Dignified and Sophisticated Inspirational Orchestra and Piano. Achievement, Struggle, Victory, Awe-Inspiring moments etc.
Winning Ballot
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3 Alt Mix 4 Alt Mix 5
CNN and Disney have a love child and send it off into the world to keep the electorate believing in miracles. This one will have the audience trembling with pride and maybe shedding a tear or two. From the superlatively talented Chieli Minucci.
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