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Bigger And Better
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Magnificent, Sweeping, Corporate Empowerment Inspiration from Chieli Minucci. Powerfully Building and Dynamic. Positive, Motivational, Inspirational, Aspirational. Etc. Etc.. A total winner.
Good Looking Youth Drinking Beer
Number one with a Silver Bullet. This is your Ultimate "Positive, Upbeat, Uplifting, use Me and I can sell anything you have" music.
Happiness Everywhere
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Because there is never enough Ukulele in the world, may we present yet another masterpiece of happiness. These cues are addictive: You know you want it, you have to download it, just give in to the feeling.
Happy Go Lucky
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Are you ready to Be Happy? We mean like joyfully jumping around the room in your pajamas because your life is amazing happy? Ok, then here's your cue.
I Am Super Happy Music
You want Happy? You get Happy. Bouncy Pop track with a nice little warm & fuzzy bridge. This reminds us a little of Bang On The Drum by Todd Rundgren, which is a major compliment. A great track.
I Can Sell Your Product
Charming, Upbeat, A Little Quirky, A Little Heartwarming strings, bells over a bouncy groove. In other words, your perfect 21st century advertising cue. Feel good about your purchases. Heck, feel inspired by them!
Living The Good Life
Another superb cut from Enrique Molano. Ultra Happy and Heartwarming Bells and strings over an uptempo rock groove. Selling things, Quality Achievements, it's a better day, Things are looking up. Singing in the rain etc..
Morning Motion
Sweeping, forward moving acoustic guitar and piano over a percolating rhythm bed carry this melodic, ultimate feel-good cut. Think Bruce Hornsby, smiling milkmen, well-behaved kids on their bikes, & weather reports filled with nothing but sunshine.
Selling Happiness
The Obligatory Ultra Charming Ukelele and Glockenspiel strikes again. This cue can sell ANYTHING: Hearing Aids, Bacon, Lawn Mowers-you name it . Now bounce your head back and forth and smile!
The Happiness Party
Oh no, it's another Happy Guitar and Bell Cue. BUT YOU CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THESE CAN YOU???? ADMIT IT MR. & MS PRODUCER: YOU'RE ADDICTED TO THIS STUFF. Which of course is why we have so many fantastic variations and permutations of said musical crack.
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