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Wow what a cue: Monstrous, Cinematic Orchestral Crossover that Builds and Builds. Epic, Urgent, Dangerous, Perilous, Escape, Battle, Aggression etc. Powerful & Thrilling.
Dark Mind
Pounding and Pulsing Tension/Suspense Cue. Orchestral/Electronic Hybrid.This one has a monstrous creepy string rise at the end. Great Cut.
Dramatic Adventure
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Thrilling, Pounding, Pulsing, Dramatic Adventure Underscore. Danger, Peril, Insane Levels of Tension etc. Orchestral/Electronic Hybrid. Very Cinematic. Three mix options.
Mysterious Plot
Pulsing, Massive Tension Cue Ala House Of Cards. This was the music Frank Underwood used when courting Claire. Another gem from the extraordinary Enrique Molano
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Driving and pulsing Electronica with edge, attitude, and maybe a little darkness. He likes to shop while creating international intrigue.
Electric Dreams
End of the World Anyone? This gigantic, Building, Urgent and Tense Orchestral Crossover even has a wailing female voice to let you know how dire things really are. Yeesh!
Epic Showdown
Clint Eastwood and Ennio Morricone go into a bar, but seriously folks.... This is a ramped up, "two gunfighters in the center of town someone is gonna die thing" with requisite lonely female vox on top.
Extremely Urgent Rock
Dark, Angry, Tense, Aggressive Rock track. Things aren't going well, Danger, Peril, The World is falling apart etc.. Also good for Martial Arts training, Striving, lifting more weight than you should etc..
Imminent Decision
Driving, pulsing, dangerous, criminal, tense, nerve wracking, Electronic cut. Pre-combat planning, Seal Teams in action, judging design sensibilities.
Machines Have Dreams Too
Big, Bad, and Intense. This one would be right at home in a James Bond Flick. Pulsing and Dynamic Thrilling and Powerful Cinematic orchestral Crossover from the exceptionally talented Jurgen Beck.
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