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Federer's Porsche
Evocative, contemporary Ad cut with an underlying sense of wealth and sophistication. Luxury Hybrids, Extremely hot women who have no interest in you but dig your car, winding European roads to nowhere, 401K shortfalls etc..
Tango Rosa
Zorro shows up at your door. OMG, you're wearing that icky sweatshirt, but wait, he takes you in his arms and suddenly you'e riding into the Castillian night.
Black Sand
Sexy, Laid Back, Medium Tempo, Chillout Groove. Funky and Lush.
Everlasting Love
Superb Romantic & Sentimental Piano with Swelling Strings and Harp for Extra Love and Happy Endings. A genuinely lovely piece of music from the very talented John Rickey. Now get out of here, we're getting a little weepy.
Joyful Inspiration
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Von is a master of the melodic hook. Inspirational, slightly wistful Smooth Jazz cut featuring Alto Sax. Simply beautiful, and an OML Favorite.
Lara's Kiss
Gorgeous and Intimate Solo Piano with an Introspective and Romantic Quality. Slow and Searching, It veers between Wistful and Satisfied, and is absolutely lovely.
Sirens Of Saturn
Get out your silver lame cat suit and blast off to unknown worlds in this retro masterpiece. Airy female vocals over swirling harp morph into a funky 60's feel with groovy brass lines. You may want to pack Go-Go Boots as well.
Bossa Times
Sexy and Sultry Bossa Nova.
Just Chill Out
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Sexy, Laid back chill out cue with a relaxed and dreamy feel. Piano and guitar mesh with electronic elements on the full mix. The Organic mix has more of a smooth jazz feel. Great gentle underscore for beds and beauty shots of all kinds.
Love Looking back
Lovely, Romantic and Sentimental Piano with String Backgrounds. This one has a Cinematic quality and evokes Happy Memories and Satisfaction. Great Cue.
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