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Vicious Barista
You might make Frappuccinos by day but, after hours you live the life of danger in the world of cyber espionage. A form of living on the edge that is only rivaled by the obscurity of your playlists. This rocked out electro funk track is your theme song.
Extremely cool Electro Rocker with a slightly smug attitude. This will work wonders for Corporate Communications projects in need of something Hip that doesn't go too far over the top.
Mayhem In The Garage
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Playful and Hyper Electro Rocker. Motion, Energy, Activity, Sped Up Video, general craziness. Cool Mixouts as well.
Outlasting The Competition
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Ultra Aggressive Electro-Rocker perfect for Ass Kicking, Watching Rhonda Rousey killing Holly Holm, Struggling to win etc. Very Angry and intense.
Shock Anomaly
Steady and Driving Electro Rocker perfect for Sports, Competitions, Ass Kickings of Varied Natures etc.
Utterly Aggressive, Kick Ass Electro Rock. This one has huge builds and will work great for Sports & Action.
Turbo Twelve
Pulsing, Building, Driving Electro Cut. This one can do double duty as a Controlled, Aggressive Sports cue or Hip Fashion & Style Bed.
Bad Willy
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Aggressive and Driving Electro Rock with an Urban Underbelly. Good for Reality, Sports, Action, Fashion etc.
Dieter Does The Mashed Potato
Throbbing, pulsing, Retro Surf with a pounding beat and harsh guitar. Dig the Farfisa organ while Dieter shows you his moves.
Video Vampire
Aggressive & Tough Electronica. Anything Urban, Tough Sports Prep, Difficulty, Adversity etc.
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