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Classically Bucolic
Bow, curtsy, eat a suckling pig,do a little Jig and then sneak away behind the brambles with Lady Jane; a woman of questionable morals and ample bosom.
Attack Of The Engagement Rings
Building, Urgent, Serious, Elegant, Luxurious, Orchestral Track that screams "You had better spend 3 months salary on me or there will be hell to pay!"
Beethoven Pathetique Sonata
Excellent rendition of the Beethoven standard by James Langevin.
Leaving Today
Warm, Nostalgic String Quartet with a Turn Of The Century Feel. Slow, Languid and absolutely beautifully performed. A Gem.
Beethoven Moonlight Sonata
Beautiful performance by James Langevin.of the Classical Favorite.
The Courtly Dance
Sprightly instrumental beginning with solo classical guitar and building gradually to 2 guitars and 2 oboes.
David's Song
Classical Piano, Harp, Flute etc. that veers between emotional feels. This will work well for outdoor panoramas, introspection and moments of deep contemplation. A choir enters midway and it gets a bit dark and ominous.
Saint Mark's Choir
Time to walk through the Pearly Gates and see which way the elevator is going. You need underscore my friend in order to emphasize the significance of the moment. We have just the thing: Angelic Choir with a slightly melodramatic flair. Going Down?
King Of The Future
Hail to the ruler of the world. Pomp and ceremony with nifty brass fanfare.
Stravinsky Says Hello
Quirky contemporary classical cue featuring piano and clarinet that evokes images of cartoon characters creating chaos in the house while no one is home. Anxious and edgy, with a brooding and suspenseful B section.
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