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Clair De Lune (Debussy)
The height of Impressionistic piano. Lovely interpretation of the Debussy masterpiece performed by our own Philip Roeglin.
Mozart Screws Around
Quirky Solo Classical Piano good for Humorous situations of all sorts.
Imaginary Love
Heartwarming and Romantic Solo Piano. Classical approach and intimate feel. This one is consistently hopeful and satisfied.
Lara's Kiss
Gorgeous and Intimate Solo Piano with an Introspective and Romantic Quality. Slow and Searching, It veers between Wistful and Satisfied, and is absolutely lovely.
Memoria 1
Deeply emotional piano with a stark and impressionistic feel. Subtle guitar looping supports the texture. Open, spacious, cinematic. This one telegraphs interior ruminations and veers between darker and lighter, ending on a positive tone.
Beethoven Pathetique Sonata
Excellent rendition of the Beethoven standard by James Langevin.
Terrific Solo Piano cue ideal for Uplifting Promo/PSA or Corporate/Retail purposes. Dignified, Controlled, and Unobtrusive.
Nadia's Swimsuit
Classically inflected, Warm & Fuzzy solo piano designed to tug at the heart strings or sell quality food products.
Salutation Rag
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Lovely and controlled Solo Ragtime Piano from our Man in Surrey, Bob Good. This is the real deal folks, have at it.
Building Intent
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Building, Dramatic, Piano with Strings and Percussion. Three mix options for various levels of intensity.
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