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Your Love
Friendly Acoustic Country cut. Outdoors, Organic Stuff, Vegetables, Wheat Fields, Energy Efficient Pickups etc..
Acoustic Waltz
Warm & Satisfied Acoustic Guitars and Pedal Steel.
Dobro Man
Dobro Man is one happy guy. He wants to let you know about the simple joys of Country life and the beauty of the great outdoors. Do yourself a favor and take his advice.
Heavenly Fish Fry
This is the kind of Satisfied, Peaceful, and Warm Country Waltz that you'll be hearing when you walk through the Pearly Gates and straight into Saint Peter's Barbecue and Crawdad Shack. Make sure to order extra crispy.
Moonshine Marvel
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Bouncy Americana straight out of Green Acres. The Hooterville Cannonball is coming to take you to Pixley.
Doe My Deer
Look out it's Happy Time! This bit of musical Prozac features Ultra Positive Acoustic Guitar and Gentle Rhythm Section for those "Morning In America", Sunshine-y, Well Balanced Moments" we all seek but never find.
Country Prom
Traditional Country Shuffle with Pedal Steel and that whole "Lost My Truck, Lost My Girl, etc." thing happening. Think George Jones, Loretta Lynn etc,. We're imagining young lovers meeting at the Elks Club for a spin around the floor.
Stronger Than You Know
Lilting, Traditional Country cut featuring fiddle and acoustic guitar over rhythm section. This one is Warm and Heartfelt, with a bit of Wistful thrown in for good measure. Gentle, but it moves ahead with steadiness.
All Things Mellow
We got a peaceful, easy feeling since we started listening to this ultra Mellow Country Crossover track with an Eagles sound. We'd tell you we wanted to sleep with you in the desert tonight, but you might slap us, so we won't.
Old Lazy Bones
Just shuffling down the road apiece with this Light Swinging Texas Blues featuring Pedal Steel Guitar. This one evokes images of the South in the 40's & 50's.
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