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Creekside Jimmy
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Jimmy done got hisself into the moonshine, so it appears there will be no work done today. On the other hand, there are plenty of trout that need catchin' so everything should work out just fine.
Fish Hunting
Feeling friendly out in the back country Vern? Here's your move: Fiddle, mandolin and acoustic geetar create a joyful bit of Americana to underscore your bass, trout, and whitetail adventures.
Who's Fiddling With The Ukulele
The Ukulele strikes again, this time with a fiddling friend. Super Upbeat and charming, will work well for either ad spots or Americana, Ken Burns Style Underscore.
What Ever You Want
Gentle Hillbilly picking with a Warm & Fuzzy character. Super laid back and relaxed banjo and geetar perfect for a lazy day of fishing.
A Little Sassy
Charming and Relaxed Acoustic Country Cue.
Happy Banjo Boy
Solo banjo cut appropriate for runaway hogs and rafting adventures gone awry.
Resonator Waltz
Lazy Resonator Blues. You are an Okie circa 1936. There ain't a root beer around for miles and miles, and the radio done be broke. It's 119 in the shade and your wife looks like a pile of rocks wrapped in dirty gingham. Play it true son.
Abigail And Phineas
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Quietly lilting Ukelele and Lap Steel Guitar with a Sentimental and Wistful Quality. Abigail loves Phineas, Phineas loves Abigail, genetics be damned.
Banjo Bliss
OK visualize this: Some guy with no teeth and a jug of Moonshine kicking back on a couch on the front porch picking away at a beat up banjo while his common law wife chases chickens with a hatchet. It's like that.
Slow Poke
Easygoing, countrified, out for a lazy day in the woods, bluesy, mischievous acoustic cut. Pop open a beer and kick back.
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