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Ain't No Use
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Nasty and Slinky Slow Electric Blues. There's a bed mix available with no lead guitar if things get too intense for you.
How Long Must I Wait
Dark Minor Key Blues Ala BB King etc.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
A downright nasty Electric Country Blues. Bad things happening in the bayou, that body you buried under the beer cooler is waking up, Ma don't love you no more etc.
Step Away From My Heart
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Bright and Bouncy Blues with a positive and upbeat attitude; which may sound like a contradiction but is in fact a perfect description (not to mention a rhyme).
Too Late Blues
Smoldering Electric Blues cut. Look out B.B. King.
Blues With Horns
Jumping, Upbeat, Electric Blues.
Rock And Roll
Rugged and Raw Electric Blues. This one sounds like The Kinks working out a groove in Ray Davies garage Circa 1968.
Still Got The Blues
You still got the Blues and you can't shake 'em. This Raw and Rough cut will work equally well for The Backwoods or The Inner City. The OML is versatile in its anguish.
Detroit Muscle
Slow and Deliberate Electric Blues. Very nasty and tough for very nasty and tough situation.
I'm Hunting Wabbits
Slow, Lazy, Dirty, Shuffling, Backwoods Blues. If you hunting wabbits, you ain't doing too good.
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