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Delta Miss
Old Timey, Raw & Rugged Delta Blues with Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica. Pick up that fishing pole and mosey on down the road.
Hillbilly Slide
Solo slide dobro with an "I love my cousin" feel.
The Road
Gritty, Dirty, Rough, Slow Backwoods Blues
Delta Acoustic Blues
Raw Acoustic Slide Blues from C Lanzbom; who knows from Blues. Check out more of C's work if you're looking for truly organic and real material.
Resonator Waltz
Lazy Resonator Blues. You are an Okie circa 1936. There ain't a root beer around for miles and miles, and the radio done be broke. It's 119 in the shade and your wife looks like a pile of rocks wrapped in dirty gingham. Play it true son.
Still Got The Blues
You still got the Blues and you can't shake 'em. This Raw and Rough cut will work equally well for The Backwoods or The Inner City. The OML is versatile in its anguish.
Backroads Blues
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Great Traditional Acoustic Blues on Solo Guitar. Get that whole backwoods thing going on. Hot Southern Climates, Hunting & Fishing, Relaxed and Soulful.
The Regal Chicken
Blind Lemon Melonhead stomping the blues fer yer. Swampy and muddy acoustic slide with a loose drum beat. Hungover hicks looking for leftover possum. Also effective Erectile Dysfunction Music.
Stomp Blues
Alt Mix 1 Main Mix
Nasty and raw acoustic slide blues with a big and dirty beat.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Visions of The Old West: You open The Saloon Doors and there's Clint Eastwood ready to blow you into the Dakotas, only this time he brought a groovy beat to go with his dark and dangerous harmonica and Snakebitten guitar.
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