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Brazilian Sun
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
How do we love this cue? Let us count the ways. The stellar grooves of Von Baron coupled with an absolutely infectious hook. Beautiful, soaring, World Fusion.
Contemporary Thinker
Gorgeous, Introspective Underscore featuring Kalimba and Piano. Cinematic, Documentary, neutral emotions etc. Lovely cue.
Unusual Celtic/Arabic fusion with a sense a danger and adventure. Exotic and a bit mysterious.
Highland Chase
Wild, Celtic fusion (in alternating 5 & 6 no less!) conjures images of Rowena on a black stallion fleeing the unwanted attentions of some Laird or another.
New Age One
Dreamy and Introspective Acoustic Guitars over Spacey Percussion. Exotic and Lush.
Surya And The Uneasy Dream
Suspicious behavior at the Balinese Harmonic convergence conference. Today's Yoga session has yielded potentially dangerous insights.
Gamelan Madness
Exotic, Asian Nature track with a slight sense of wariness or danger . The Balinese Crab is purple and beautiful, but beware: he can turn you to stone with one bite.
Through The Looking Glass
A sort of New Age/World Beat lullaby featuring percussive textures offset by acoustic guitar, flute and clarinet. Very sweet and flowing.
Earthly Paradise
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Did someone achieve something? Lovely Celtic Orchestral cut featuring Irish Flute/Tin Whistle. Magical, Inspirational and enchanting with echoes of "Titanic".
This is a building, epic, ballad with a 6/8 feel. You are going to soar when this one gets going. Ethereal, triumphant, and very dynamic, with lots of peaks and valleys. Go ahead and feel free to aspire to something better in life.
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