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Jurassic Danger
Druggy, odd, electro-mechanical ambience. Futuristic landscapes, interior torment, The Brown Acid etc..
Through The Gauze
Spacey, circular, Ambient track with a futuristic feel. Weightless, Floating, Trippy, good for fisheye lenses and altered states of consciousness.
Imagine yourself being sucked into the vortex of time, bit by bit, you're being dismantled until nothing remains but an elemental fragment of your uglier self. OK, now imagine a giant Triceratops eating it.
Deeply emotional acoustic piano and looped acoustic guitar in a poignant and heart wrenching meditation.
Not Alone
Barren, Sparse Ambient Cue. Floating, Space, Science Fiction, Drugs, Hallucinations etc. Get the fisheye lens out.
The Wish
When you need to pull your viewer through a sieve. Simply brilliant combination of heart wrenching and inspiring. Great for elegies and the like.
Maybe Pluto
Spacey Ambient Track. Molecules, Water, Fish, Friendly Alien Life Forms, Distorted Lenses for the "I'm so high" sequence etc.
Welcome To Another World
Floating, Distant Ambient cue perfect for Science, Space, Science Fiction. This one builds towards the end.
Horses, Drums, And Piano
Very unusual combination of Ambient Tone and Pulsing Groove. It pulses and moves in a Trippy way. The piano only comes in at the end in case you were wondering.
Distant, Lush, Ambient Track. Imagine being stranded on a frozen planet with no one else in sight; it's like that.
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