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All Our Yesterdays
Lush, Wistful, Nostalgic Big Band and Strings number. Women in furs with gloves up to their elbows, Romantic Dancing, a reasonably sized martini, not those awful Sex and The City Cosmo things, Lawrence Welk, Glen Miller, Ahh Romance.
Beatrice Does The Jerk
Wacky, 60's, Quasi-Mambo groove. Benny Hill is chasing you around the Lawn at 64 Frames Per Sec.
Dear Brigitte
Twisting on the Beach with a Hot Blonde in a Bikini circa 1965. You know what we mean. Rocking track with organ and harmonica upfront. Groovy Daddy-O.
Sirens Of Saturn
Get out your silver lame cat suit and blast off to unknown worlds in this retro masterpiece. Airy female vocals over swirling harp morph into a funky 60's feel with groovy brass lines. You may want to pack Go-Go Boots as well.
Surf Party
Ray Bans and Black turtlenecks, sidekicks named Ilya, and a plan to defeat the evil forces of Doctor someone or other. 60s surf-rock meets the staccato rhythms of the Flamenco. Ai Yi Yi!!!!
A Darker Whimsy
Burt Bacharach with Valium and a single olive. Don Draper is gazing into your eyes.
Champagne And Ballroom
We LOVE this cut. Looking for that retro Lawrence Welk thing? Fixated on The Lennon Sisters? Do you even know who they are? If you do, you know what we mean-Fabulous Light Retro Jazz with Strings.
Dieter Does The Mashed Potato
Throbbing, pulsing, Retro Surf with a pounding beat and harsh guitar. Dig the Farfisa organ while Dieter shows you his moves.
James Bond in Hell
Imagine Sean Connery (Not that pantywaist Daniel Craig) running over a Commie named Verushka, without spilling a drop of his Martini.
RetroJazz 101
Groovy Retro Jazz track Ideal for Detectives, Goofballs, and would be Criminals about to mess things up. Oceans 11, Sinatra and Sammy etc.
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