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Klezmer With Mandolin And Clarinet
Wild Klezmer Fusion featuring Mandolin and Clarinet. This one will do double duty as a Greek or Mediterranean cue; kind of Zorba Goes To The Yeshiva. A Fantastic cue.
Complex Sitar And Drone.
Adventurous Sitar.
Taj Mahal Dream
Dreamy and Exotic Sitar and Drone. Would you like Papadum with that?
Epic Film Trailer
Bring on the hordes of...whatever-this will work! Huge and powerful monster cue that fuses driving Ethnic Percussion and Orchestra. An OML Favorite!
Indian Journey
Sparse Sitar track ideal for Curries, Vindaloo and other Psychogenics. Dude.
Exotic Drone and Sitar. Free and Exploratory.
Tabla Mistick
The Tabla and Drone signal it is time for your papadum. Rajnesh brings the Vindaloo and you sink back into a Tandoori induced food coma. Feed your bliss my friend.
Basa Jawa
Exotic, and slightly tense Sitar and Drone.
Exotic and Energetic Sitar.
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