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I Can Sell Your Product
Charming, Upbeat, A Little Quirky, A Little Heartwarming strings, bells over a bouncy groove. In other words, your perfect 21st century advertising cue. Feel good about your purchases. Heck, feel inspired by them!
Living The Good Life
Another superb cut from Enrique Molano. Ultra Happy and Heartwarming Bells and strings over an uptempo rock groove. Selling things, Quality Achievements, it's a better day, Things are looking up. Singing in the rain etc..
Everlasting Love
Superb Romantic & Sentimental Piano with Swelling Strings and Harp for Extra Love and Happy Endings. A genuinely lovely piece of music from the very talented John Rickey. Now get out of here, we're getting a little weepy.
Imaginary Love
Heartwarming and Romantic Solo Piano. Classical approach and intimate feel. This one is consistently hopeful and satisfied.
Incredibly Charming and Heartwarming guitar and piano. Poignant, Sentimental, Romantic. Cute children, kittens, puppies, clean laundry etc.
Relaxed And Gentle
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3
Beautiful Classical Guitar and Strings with a peaceful, outdoorsy kind of vibe. Heartwarming, Relaxed, Peaceful, great cue.
River Walk
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3
Gorgeous Acoustics and Strings with a Warm & Sentimental feel from Guitar Master Chieli Minucci. Great for outdoors shots, landscapes, panoramas, intimate moments etc. Multiple mix options for a variety of feels as well.
Spirit Guide
Lush Synth Textures
The Miner
Gorgeous, Uplifting and Inspirational Underscore featuring Cello & Piano on top of Lush Background. Great Corporate Gentility Cut.
They Shan't Be Coming Home
Our catalog is pretty awesome, you've realized that by now if you are poking around, but this tune is just magnificent. Heartbreaking violin and piano that will pull your viewers through a sieve. Sad Promo & PSA, Loss, Nostalgia, Remembering etc..
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