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Tango Rosa
Zorro shows up at your door. OMG, you're wearing that icky sweatshirt, but wait, he takes you in his arms and suddenly you'e riding into the Castillian night.
Y Tu Tambien
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Sexy Latin track with Flute and Trumpet leads. Think South America, The Caribbean, Vacations, Cruise Ships etc.
Flamenco Heat
The words "fiery" & "passionate" might have been invented for this cut. Blistering, melodic Flamenco guitar and percussion from Rob Benham. There's a fiesta going on, but it has a mysteriously dark undercurrent; beware.
Guatemalan Dream
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Bright and Happy Mariachi Style groove featuring Violins, Flutes, Marimbas etc.. This one will transplant you directly to Central America, Mexico, etc..There is a nice bed mix with all the melodic material stripped out as well
Latino Skydancer
Gorgeous and Lush Spanish Guitar over swaying 6/8 Rhythm. This one is Sexy and Romantic and will telegraph anything to do with Spain, South America, The Tropics etc.
La Luna Rosa
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Fantastic, Laid back and Sexy Tango with two great alternate mixes. This one has the Sly come hither thing going on and a bit of tongue in cheek like a Woody Allen underscore. Features acoustic guitar, upright bass, trumpet and violin.
Flamenco Flight
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Soaring, Intense modern Flamenco track with Fiery guitars and Gipsy Kings feel. We're feeling extremely hot-blooded and passionate about now, so you may want to keep your distance.
Morning Blooms
Can you imagine a very gentle Flamenco guitar piece over a light groove with a certain sense of Dark Romance? If not, then listen to this and you'll get the idea.
The Road To Madrid
Sparkling, driving, and fiery Flamenco guitars. Feel free to throw your Sangria glass against the wall and lustily gyrate.
Mystical, Poignant, solo Laud. This will work for anything Spanish, Greek, Arabic etc. It has a lonely, searching quality and will function well with travel and doc programming.
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