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The Varsity Stroll
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Slow, Two-Beat Early Jazz number featuring Clarinet. This one has a Riverboat or Dixieland vibe to it and will telegraph Early Twentieth Century America.
Dixie Sid
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Fabulous Hot Jazz cut that will work for anything having to do with the 20,'s, 30's or even 40's-WOW-a Multi-Decade track. Swinging 2 Beat feel with loose horns and reeds. It's a party in there!
Jumping Django
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
House Fave here people. From the amazing Chieli Minucci comes this HOT Gypsy Jazz cut. Super Cheerful, Edit-Friendly head Bopper. A GREAT cue.
Retro Django
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Incredible Django style guitar cut from the amazing Louis Thorne. Evocative of 1930's-40's Paris, Woody Allen movies, and a time when life was generally better (except for that World War 2 thing which was kind of a drag).
Gypsy Jangle
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Percolating Gypsy Swing with phenomenal guitar work from Chieli Minucci. Vive Le something or other!
Mayflower Hotel
Wistful, Nostalgic, two beat Jazz, Clarinet, Trombone. This one has a certain something extra that makes it more than just a period piece.
Much Ado About Nothing
You're watching the opening scene in a Woody Allen Movie-oh wait, you're listening to The Organic Music Library and another one of our incredible Django Rheinhardt style Parisian jazz cuts. Why shop elsewhere?
Speakeasy Susy
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
That Susy! She sure is Hot Stuff, a regular Good Time Mama if you don't mind my saying so. Vintage Roaring Twenties Cocktail Jazz with a sneaky character; kinda like Susy's stage door Johnny if ya get my drift?
Elegant and Romantic French Nightclub Jazz Ala Django Rheinhardt This one has a lush and very Sexy, Romantic string background.
Bathtub Gin
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Hot Jazz combo featuring Trumpet & Clarinet telegraphs the Prohibition Era, Riverboat Music, Dixieland etc. Dames in Flapper Dresses and Well Groomed gangsters shooting each other.
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