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The Rich Get Richer
Elegant & Sultry Big Band Jazz Cue. Telegraphs the 40's, World War 2, Nightclubs, Romance etc. Great cut.
Miles Of Cool
Smokey and Sexy Cool Jazz with a Miles Davis feel. Dark trumpet, piano and vibes featured. NYC circa 1959, Nightclubs, Cool Guys being introspective etc. Slacks, cigarettes. Getting in too deep, a little trouble about to happen etc.
Champagne And Ballroom
We LOVE this cut. Looking for that retro Lawrence Welk thing? Fixated on The Lennon Sisters? Do you even know who they are? If you do, you know what we mean-Fabulous Light Retro Jazz with Strings.
Chet Baker Escapes From Rehab
OK We couldn't help ourselves with this one. It starts off as an Absolutely Gorgeous and Wistful Trumpet Ballad, but then someone forgets to lock the door and Chet Break Outs, victoriously, singing at the top of his lungs.
Cool Jazz Sax
Smokey, cool Jazz featuring tenor sax. Like stepping into mid-town circa 1962.
I Remember Lawrence Welk
Romantic and Nostalgic Big Band Cocktail Cue.
Intense Jazz Trumpet
Hard Core, Driving Trumpet over aggressive rhythm section. Smoking Modern Jazz Feel.
Once Again
Dark and Sexy Jazz Guitar. Smokey Nightclubs, Sexy Broads and Nice Cocktails.
RetroJazz 101
Groovy Retro Jazz track Ideal for Detectives, Goofballs, and would be Criminals about to mess things up. Oceans 11, Sinatra and Sammy etc.
Swinging Jazz Vibes Trio. Elegance, Dinner Music, Sophisticated Party scenes etc..
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