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Jumpy Jump
Happy, Corporate Lifestyles Groover featuring Electric Piano. Imagine Ina Garten and her special friends setting the table to look like the HMS Queen Elizabeth 2. Loosen your cravat and please do enjoy the Campari Orange Spritzers.
Much Ado About Nothing
You're watching the opening scene in a Woody Allen Movie-oh wait, you're listening to The Organic Music Library and another one of our incredible Django Rheinhardt style Parisian jazz cuts. Why shop elsewhere?
Royal Street Strut
Buttonholed on Bourbon Street and dragged into a dark watering hole, Professor Somebody or other and company are on onstage doing their thing. You grab a Long Neck and start tapping your foot.
Skipping Down The Road
Who knew the road to happiness was paved with Prozac? We did. Bouncy, Jovial, dare we say Jaunty acoustic guitar and band to keep that smile plastered on no matter what. Sit Coms and Happy Cereal Spots.
Kitchen Chaos
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Bill & Bob preparing live lobster while their blood alcohol content is 5 times above the legal limit. Catchy Reality Quirk for dummies and goofballs.
Swinging With Morty
Sort of a Jazz/Klezmer fusion featuring slinky clarinet.
Sunny Side Up
This is an easy going, shuffle down the road, feeling groovy kind of thing. Sitcoms, Orange Juice, Dumb Dads reading lawn mower manuals etc..
Funky and Quirky retro cut that reminds us of 70's sitcom music.
Kind Of But Not
Funky, Old School groover that reminds us of something from Barney Miller. Think Steely Dan, Electric Piano, Harmonica, Funky, Earthy...Louis CK getting into trouble etc..
Spanish Heat
When Bossas and Flamencos attack; super feel good, rhythmic, guitar driven party cue. Effective for suburban husbands trying to figure out instruction manuals.
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