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Country Rampage
Pick that guitar, shoot that rifle, drink that whiskey, outrun the sheriff, complain about the government etc..
Nashville Breakdown
Rollicking country two-beater featuring some serious picking by our man Tommy Dolan. Appropriate for avoiding revenoors, noodling catfish, chasing down 10 point bucks in ATV's, or shooting the rapids in a homemade raft.
Barnyard Chaos
Another little bit of genius from Chieli Minucci as he defines a new genre: Epic Energetic Americana. This is one crazy cut-wild guitar, fiddle, drums and, oh yeah, an orchestra. Think High Energy Outdoor Countryfied Mania and you'll get it.
Rise And Shine
Because we're Happy Happy etc. we present this really happy tune. A little country-Bluegrass tinged, but it will make even your urban dwelling cynics smile. Now, go jump around a little bit and have some fun.
Looky Looky
Moody, Slightly Sinister, Contemporary Country Funk.
Open Acoustic And Wah Wah
Oh Man is this one in search of an outdoor program. Joyful Acoustic guitar strumming with interjections of Electric Wa guitar. You'll be jumping for joy while you're trying to take out Bambi.
Ten Gallon Daydream
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Oh man do we love this cue. Gleaming, Sentimental Contemporary Country. Imagine some rugged dude riding through a valley and contemplating that woman he knew way back when while doing his Post Doctoral work at Cambridge.
Happy Rock Mandolin
Upbeat, Positive, Happy, Medium Tempo Rock Groove with, well, a Happy Mandolin up top. Enjoy.
Nashville Dreams
Uplifting Contemporary Country cut for all you hopeful people out there. Great Cue.
Fine And Dandy
From Mountaintop to Madison Avenue....Oooh this one makes us Happy. Contemporary Country Pop with a Super Warm & Positive Attitude. Underscore a bunch of Fish or Sell Something Nurturing...we give you choices like that.
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