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Through The Gauze
Spacey, circular, Ambient track with a futuristic feel. Weightless, Floating, Trippy, good for fisheye lenses and altered states of consciousness.
Sirens Of Saturn
Get out your silver lame cat suit and blast off to unknown worlds in this retro masterpiece. Airy female vocals over swirling harp morph into a funky 60's feel with groovy brass lines. You may want to pack Go-Go Boots as well.
Indian Journey
Sparse Sitar track ideal for Curries, Vindaloo and other Psychogenics. Dude.
Tabla Mistick
The Tabla and Drone signal it is time for your papadum. Rajnesh brings the Vindaloo and you sink back into a Tandoori induced food coma. Feed your bliss my friend.
The Petal Army
Dreamy and Watery Ambient Track. Ideal Underscore for Space, Ocean, Weird Molecular Interactions on The Quantum Level etc. Cinematic and Neutral in feel.
A Darker Whimsy
Burt Bacharach with Valium and a single olive. Don Draper is gazing into your eyes.
Bitchin In The Kitchen
Weird and Surreal Circus Music from Hell. Why it's called Bitchin In The Kitchen, we have no idea, but liked the name so much we didn't want to rename it.
Middle Eastern psychedelia featuring tabla, drones and sitar.
Fictional Language
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Sparse piano intro with choir hum building slowly into powerful vocal lead delivered in a fictional language over lush texture of choir and horns.
The Mushroom And Me
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3
Lucy In The Sky with Cubic Zirconia. Oh man, I'm so high right now. Have you ever thought how we have like 2 hands and 2 arms and 2 legs instead of like 3? I'm moving to a commune, but first I'm going to India.
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