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Dave Grohl Is Angry
Powerful and driving Rocker in the vein of the Foo Fighters. The forecast is moody and tormented with a 70% chance of an ass kicking.
Good Looking Youth Drinking Beer
Number one with a Silver Bullet. This is your Ultimate "Positive, Upbeat, Uplifting, use Me and I can sell anything you have" music.
So Much Joy
Empower yourself in a groovy, slightly retro-pop way. Sweeping and Soaring, Motivating, Uplifting, Alternative Rock with Dreamy and Lush Vocals. From the fabulous David Lawrence Goldman.
Booker Goes to Paris
Driving, uplifting drum groove with alt-rock organs and guitars.
Done Finished Perfect
Big and Soaring Acoustic Rocker that Motivates and builds. Great Corporate Empowerment track or Aerial footage underscore. You have accomplished the impossible-now reward yourself.
Vicious Barista
You might make Frappuccinos by day but, after hours you live the life of danger in the world of cyber espionage. A form of living on the edge that is only rivaled by the obscurity of your playlists. This rocked out electro funk track is your theme song.
Wash It Away
We love this cut. It has a Hip and Contemporary Wistfulness without wallowing in it's self absorption; in other words, it's the perfect cut to underscore your latest hip presentation or help sell something that won't actually kill someone.
Comfortable, Cost Effective & Convenient
Both kids are in the back seat (with individual DVD players), the sun is setting, and you're driving just the right car. A perfect :30 for your spot needs.
Extremely Urgent Rock
Dark, Angry, Tense, Aggressive Rock track. Things aren't going well, Danger, Peril, The World is falling apart etc.. Also good for Martial Arts training, Striving, lifting more weight than you should etc..
I Really Do Feel Good
Pete Townshend on Dexadrine; this wild strum fest will have your people drinking the Kool-Aid in no time.
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