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Hillbilly Slide
Solo slide dobro with an "I love my cousin" feel.
Warm, Romantic, Introspective and easygoing acoustic Guitar. Lovely cut.
Back Home
Forward moving Acoustic guitar and percussion with a Thoughtful, New Age feel. Mood is neutral to warm and gives a sense of explanation or development of ideas. Would make great neutral underscore.
Neck Rubber
Straddling aggressive and introspective, this fingerstyle acoustic guitar cue conjures imagery of angry women from the '90s at Lilith Fair.
Lush, Classical Guitar with a solitary and ruminative character. Thinking about Lost Love, General Sadness on Planet Earth, Emotional Dejection etc. Will work well for PSA or Sophisticated film underscore.
Manor House Tensions
Dark, finger picked solo acoustic guitar. Sad and solitary. We can only assume what is going on behind the Master's door.
You want easygoing? You get easygoing. Lovely Solo Acoustic Guitar track with a chill attitude.
Silent Night
Intimate, Solo Guitar version of the Christmas Classic.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Gentle, Peaceful Acoustic Guitar with a Bittersweet and Hopeful Tone.
Fishing Man
You Hunt, You Fish, You Drive A Mercedes and read The New Yorker. A thinking man's outdoor cue. That Canteen of yours is filled with 18 Year Old Macallan. Stellar fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar from the very talented Vinnie DeMasi.
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