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Politically Correct Cars
Plug in your car and drive to the organic pharmacy, pick up your antidepressant, ignore the contra-indications, play with your Ipad.
Extremely cool Electro Rocker with a slightly smug attitude. This will work wonders for Corporate Communications projects in need of something Hip that doesn't go too far over the top.
Little Pharma
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Very Controlled And Neutral Corporate Electronica Ideal for Power Points, Presentations, Information Updates, Financial Reports Etc. Unobtrusive and Serious.
Love And Technology
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Unusual Blend Of Technology And Sentimentality. So if you have Robots with Feelings for each other, this is your move. Electronica that has a Dreamy side but still pulses and moves forward.
Nothing But Sunshine
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Soaring, Building, Pulsing, Driving Electronica with Piano. Happy and Positive with a motivating feel.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Sultry, Driving, Sexy Corporate Electronica with Piano Solos on top. This one will do double duty as a Fashion/Style cue.
Sunset Hourglass
Warm & Pulsing Corporate Electronica. Advertising Tech, Phones, Multimedia, Software etc. with a Futuristic Feel.
Tech Recruiters
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Sober And Controlled Corporate Electronica,
Very unusual and effective cue featuring light piano and strings over processed percussion. It's Moody, but not too Dark and will work either for Sophisticated Adverts & Corporate use or Remote, Stark Film Underscore.
Thinking About It
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Ticking, Controlled, Pulsing Corporate Electronica. This one is neutral and will work well for any Biz/Tech purposes.
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