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Terrific Heartwarming & Sentimental Celtic track. Fiddle, Guitars a great hook, and a hint of romance. Great Cue.
Wicklowe Wandering
Super Upbeat Celtic Tune. Bright and Happy with a seriously catchy hook. Great Cue.
Caledonian Capers
Charming Scottish/Celtic Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar and some simple hand percussion that they give to the guy who can't play anything else so he won't get mad and hit someone over the head with a Pint.
The Funky Celt
What a great cue. The extremely talented Ian Ethan Case fusing a Celtic Reel with loping percussion. This will work well for all UK themed material, except that thing when they introduce the Queen, For that, go to CEREMONIAL & MEMORIAL.
Mandola Jig
Terrific Celtic Jig that can work as underscore for the Bar Fight at McGillihooley's Ale House as well a the Pheasant Eating Sequence at Castle Dumbunny.
Unusual Celtic/Arabic fusion with a sense a danger and adventure. Exotic and a bit mysterious.
Highland Chase
Wild, Celtic fusion (in alternating 5 & 6 no less!) conjures images of Rowena on a black stallion fleeing the unwanted attentions of some Laird or another.
Jenny's Jig
Dark and Moody Minor Key Celtic Number with Guitars, Hand Percussion and A Lonely Tin Whistle. Ideal for anything to do with Ireland, Scotland, etc.
Earthly Paradise
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Did someone achieve something? Lovely Celtic Orchestral cut featuring Irish Flute/Tin Whistle. Magical, Inspirational and enchanting with echoes of "Titanic".
Captain Macintosh
Captain Macintosh hath returned from the colonies and is ready to partake of thine best Grog. Pour him a tankard man, and begin the dancing. Celtic feeling, Chanty-like number that telegraphs the 17th and 18th centuries.
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