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Rum and Spliff
A crowd of only good looking people frolic on a tropical beach in sexy swimwear while consuming silly drinks in a variety of bright colors with straws. Nobody has ever been privileged to such a scene, but we like to make commercials imagining it anyway.
Reggae Groove
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Friendly Reggae cue with a hint of Romance. It's Love on the Cruise Ship as Herman from Des Moines meets his Ideal woman in front of the Fruit Sculpture.
Bahamian Brothel
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Uh-Oh. Minister Freemont had a bit too much Rum Punch and has gone missing. Another "Vacationer In Trouble" tune. Caribbean Steel drums and a soka beat to underscore all kinds of Cruise Ship misadventures and shore excursion footage.
Lazy, Dub Style Reggae cue. This one features, Wistful Harmonica and trombones. it has a slightly melancholy feel.
Happy Saragossa Disco
Super Fun and Happy Cut with elements of Afro Beat and Caribbean grooves underlying the who thing-Guitars, Percussion and some very cool Horn Lines. Ultra Positive Party Fun.
Reggae Spirit
Uplifting Reggae with a seriously catchy hook. Lay back and suck down that pina colada.
Salt Shaker
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Pour that Rum Punch Mon. Wasted away in some island backwater. You're too enervated to do anything but play those damn marimbas.
Tropical Topical
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3
Smooth and upbeat Hawaiian-style acoustic guitars accompanied by light hand percussion. Mahalo.
Caribbean Happiness
Supremely happy Island cue. Cruise ships, melon sculptures filled with Bacardi 151, fat guys in print shirts, and Brigitta, the friendly masseuse.
It's All In The Mind
Unusual, Slightly Uneasy Cue with a Loose Reggae Feel. Harmonica takes the lead over Funky and Dark Groove. This sounds like something David Lynch would love. We could see it working for creepy situations, Criminals, Sinister Guys etc.
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