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Epic Emotional Turmoil
Internal Tension on a grand scale. Mystery, Remote Feelings, Loneliness with discomfort etc.
Lara's Kiss
Gorgeous and Intimate Solo Piano with an Introspective and Romantic Quality. Slow and Searching, It veers between Wistful and Satisfied, and is absolutely lovely.
Memoria 1
Deeply emotional piano with a stark and impressionistic feel. Subtle guitar looping supports the texture. Open, spacious, cinematic. This one telegraphs interior ruminations and veers between darker and lighter, ending on a positive tone.
Space Relations
Meditative piano and looping electric guitar with percussion accents.
Attack Of The Engagement Rings
Building, Urgent, Serious, Elegant, Luxurious, Orchestral Track that screams "You had better spend 3 months salary on me or there will be hell to pay!"
Controlled Orchestral Drama
Steady Orchestral Drama. This one has a fairly steady level of light Mystery and Suspense. Miss Marple has uncovered something rotten in Nottinghampshire Village and must covertly remove a valued Tea Cozy from The Manor House.
Deeply emotional acoustic piano and looped acoustic guitar in a poignant and heart wrenching meditation.
Emotional Swelling
Get out the hanky for soon shall ye weep. This one is the Tear Jerker par Excellence. Huge, expansive Orchestra with swelling cymbals and tug at the heartstrings violins. Good for requiems, memorials and the like.
Monet's Pallette
Ambient, mantra-like piano and strings evoke a dreamlike past where Ipads fear to tread.
My Cinematic Romance
Passion amidst the moors. Piano and orchestra combine to create a moody and somewhat cerebral backdrop for interior emotions painfully surfacing.
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