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Found It
Dangerous and Tense Hip Hop.
See Me Coming
Angry and Aggressive Hip Hop.
The Clouds
Aggressive Urban track with a dangerous side.
Judgement And Tension
Dark Electronic Cut with an Edgy vibe. Ideal for Judging and awaiting Tense decisions.
Trail Of Evidence
CSI,NCIS,ICU, etc.. Dark forensics and crimes, mysterious leftovers and dirty buildings. Pulsing and tense, high quality underscore with a steady groove.
It's All In The Mind
Unusual, Slightly Uneasy Cue with a Loose Reggae Feel. Harmonica takes the lead over Funky and Dark Groove. This sounds like something David Lynch would love. We could see it working for creepy situations, Criminals, Sinister Guys etc.
Really Dark and Moody Piano over steady Rhythm-this one is good for serious & Miserable PSA and Promo, Dark Underscore, anything with a sense of "Things are not going well".
Heart's Harp
Dark & Sinister Electro Rock that Builds and Develops into something almost Psychedelic -The Pulse enters about 44 seconds in, so wait for it you impatient producer you. This one will work well for anything criminal or suspect.
Dark Urban Rap track with a menacing and dangerous quality.
No Tomorrow
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Dark Electronica with a Futuristic Feel. Good for Cops and Crimes, Sci-Fi, The Murky Side of Fashion & Style etc.
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