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Dub Explosion
What's your Jam bro? Pumping Dubstep track with swirling, ecstatic synth lines and groovy processed vocal injections. There's an INSANE build midway through that will keep even the most jaded editor happy.
Bouncy, Electro 2 Step. Kind of Funky and Robotic at the same time.
House Rocket
Swirling, Building Electro House track with a tough underbelly. This one has lots of Squeezy things going on that telegraph Science and Future. Good for dDancing Robots.
K Hole
Whap Whap Whap URRRRRRR. Robotic Dub Step cut with a wet and pulsing feel. This one has an automated thing going on that will telegraph well to factories, industry, conveyor belts etc..
Kai's Beat Machines
Kai loves to turn the knobs on his synths and move the sliders. Only top volume will be tolerated und Dusseldorf must remain awake all night. Das is Techno! Das is Gutt!
Edgy Electronic cut with a Tough Guy attitude. This one Skews more Sports and aggression than techno/Fashion, although if you have a particularly aggressive photo shoot happening, this could be the ticket.
A Lister
Have we told you lately how great you look? Of course we have. How could we not, look at you, you're amazing. Driving and Ecstatic Dance Pop; think Flo Rida, Pit Bull etc..
Grind it
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
A solid Electronic dance track. Clubbing in the 23rd century, get that girl a cheeseburger, pass the Veuve, throwing your Louboutins at Lindsay Lohan etc..
Limousine Escape
Super high energy uptempo Techno cut Ideal for Fashion, Night Life, Style etc.. Grab your Crystal and go you fabulous thing you.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Driving and pulsing Electronica with edge, attitude, and maybe a little darkness. He likes to shop while creating international intrigue.
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