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Lara's Kiss
Gorgeous and Intimate Solo Piano with an Introspective and Romantic Quality. Slow and Searching, It veers between Wistful and Satisfied, and is absolutely lovely.
City Slicker
"Say, that's a swell Horse and Buggy you got there Pops". Sax, Clarinet and Violin over bass and guitar create a soundscape that evokes the early twentieth century. We imagine Ned Johnson and his Spats making time with the local fillies.
Happy Home Rag
Ahh Nostalgia. In which we peer back into a time when Ma & Pa & Johnny & Suzy were unconcerned with the latest Tweets and Vaccinations were only a dream.
Leaving Today
Warm, Nostalgic String Quartet with a Turn Of The Century Feel. Slow, Languid and absolutely beautifully performed. A Gem.
Salutation Rag
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Lovely and controlled Solo Ragtime Piano from our Man in Surrey, Bob Good. This is the real deal folks, have at it.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
WAH WAH WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Incredibly goofy Tuba cue for your ultimate "My God what a ridiculous loser goofball this idiot is" moments.
Skipping Stone Rag
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Energetic Piano Rag that channels 1915 Chicago and that new-fangled subway thing.
Super Duper
We love this cut. Clarinet & Violin take the lead in a jovial and bouncy speakeasy number that says "GET ME A GUY LIKE STEVE BUSCEMI" This has the whole Boardwalk Empire thing down cold. Buy that dame a mink willya sport?
Extremely French And Incredibly Charming
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Like being inside of a Woody Allen Movie, this Acoustic Guitar and Violin Waltz evokes images of Paris, has a Nostalgic thing going on, and is rather sure of itself. Another great piece of music from the very talented Bob Good.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Snappy, Snazzy, and Peppy light Swing cue featuring acoustic guitar, violin, and a couple of sneaky reeds. Somewhere, there is a montage of happy bootleggers in desperate need of this music.
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