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Grind it
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
A solid Electronic dance track. Clubbing in the 23rd century, get that girl a cheeseburger, pass the Veuve, throwing your Louboutins at Lindsay Lohan etc..
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Driving and pulsing Electronica with edge, attitude, and maybe a little darkness. He likes to shop while creating international intrigue.
Android Sex
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Your financial update is calling. Sci Fi inspired track, Blade Runner landscapes, bleeps, distant orchestral stabs, a distant choir, a slight "World" feel to the track induced by the tablas.
Future Shanghai
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Gothic Electronica with a mysterious, suspenseful vibe. More forcefully rhythmic than most light tension, but still creates an uneasy and unknown attitude. This cut has a building character as well, but never goes over the top.
The Emperor
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Big updates? Tabla driven chillout groove, ethereal sounds weave in and out of a fluttering rhythm...leads to an anthemic chorus with strings brass accompanying a strident piano melody. A feel of triumph and accomplishment.
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